Tigers Rhinestone Bow Orange & Black
Tick Tock Tigers Rhinestone Bow Orange & Black
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Glitter Color Chart

Customizable Tick Tock Script Font Rhinestone Bow

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Our Tick Tock Tigers Bow can be customized wtih your team or mascot.  This adorable example shows how it would look with 6 letters.  Keep in mind the longer the name for smaller the lettering will look.

Customer  example shown. 

  • Mystique color 1 (shown in black)
  • Mystique color 2 (shown in orange)
  • Glitter color 1 (shown in orange glitter)
  • crystal stones wrap
  • Team Name
  • Hair Attachment

    New senior bows All glitter  in two colors .  The waterfall effect in stones cascading on the right tail.