Rhinestone monogram-Hard Surface Decal

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This decal is extra sweet! It has a bottom layer of glitter heat pressed to the decal material and then the rhinestones in two colors are pressed onto the glitter! You will love this one. 

Tumbler Decals are easy to apply and they are dishwasher safe.   This decal can go on any hard surface.  It has a glitter base and rhinestones in your monogram letters!  When applying glitter to an outside surface keep in mind it will fade over time.  We recommend using it on items that are inside or not in direct sunlight.

Choose your rhinestone color, we will add the crystal outline.

You are purchasing the personalized decal on a glitter base, it does not come with the tumbler. You can apply it to a laptop or any hard surface.

  • Width (In): 3.715 "
  • Height (In):3.713"