About Us

Cheer Bows Etc has been hand making custom cheerleading hair bows since 2005. What started out as a hobby soon became a full time business employing 5 assistants helping with everything from bow prep, decorating to actually hand making the bows.

It all started with a love for bows when my daughter, Ashley was a little girl. I remember making her bows to match her outfits and she loved watching me make them for her.  Soon she began cheerleading for our Monarchs Football team and I began making her cute hair bows to match her uniform. 

It didnt take that long for the other moms to ask me to make them for their girls.  I remember being so excited to make them but was worried that i might not be able to make them all the exact same way. Like they say, practice makes perfect! It was so true, and boy have I had allot of practice since those early days! 

By Middle School my daughter began cheering for her school and then added in allstar cheerleading. I loved being able to create new bows each year for her teams and the girls loved my bows as well. Since I worked part time for my fathers business in the office, this became my wonderful creative outlet.  

Fast forward to 2005 when my daughter was about to go off to college I knew that I needed to stay busy and I was able to work at least full time with more free time from running to competitions, practices and private lessons. I decided to focus on starting a business full time making and shipping out cheerleading bows around the world. 

It was so exciting and exhausting learning how to shave down the production time but when I realized I was way in over my head doing this by myself, I hired friends to help me get the jobs done. It took off so fast and I needed to figure out how to teach others to be able to make the bows the way I wanted them to look when they shipped out.  We learned more and more each year and had a blast in the bow factory.  

Today as trends change we change with the times.  We know that you have many choices with all of the new mom bow ladies out there who make all sorts bows, we love it when you come back and order with us.  

Thank you loyal customers who spread the word about our products and customer service, it truly means the world to us. 

Dessie Coder

Cheer Bows Etc.

1425 Valley Drive

Marysville, Ohio 43040