Bow Information

All About Our Bows

At Cheer Bows Etc, We take great pride in producing the best hand-made products possible.  The quality in the construction of our cheerleading bows is definitely visible when the girls are wearing them. All of the bows are the same size and shape due to the nature of the way we make them. Our bows are not only glued, the layers are bonded together making them hold their shape rather than laying flat and floppy. The exception to this is simple grosgrain ribbon bows which are made to move.  Our extra efforts are well worth the investment when you buy from us.

Sample Ribbon & Materials

We know that the color you select for your cheerleading bows needs to match your outfit perfectly that is why we send out ribbon or material samples upon request.  Send us an email with your color and fabric choices and we will happily send it on out to you free of charge.

Cheerleading Bow Samples-Our website allows single bow order purchases. When ordering new cheerleading bows for your team, we highly recommend ordering in a sample hair bow to see on the girls with their uniforms just to be sure you love your new bows when they arrive. Returning customers who ordered from us before will receive a special coupon to get samples at 20% discount.  This is our way of saying thank you for your business, we do appreciate our customers very much.  Contact us to get your coupon! 

Photo Samples

If you would like to see what the layers would look like in the colors and fabrics you are thinking on ordering in for a sample, we will lay them out and send a photo of the colors together so you can decide on color order upon request. 

Bow Sizing

Basically, we offer three sizes of hair bow.

  • 6"X5" National Champ-This bow is perfect for either smaller cheerleaders or for girls that like a smaller bow
  • 7"X5" Grand Champ-This bow is the most popular size for all cheerleaders especially for competition teams
  • 8"X5" World Champ-Perfect for the girls that like extra large bows

Bow Attachment Methods

There are three ways we offer for attaching the hair bows.

  1. Pony O Elastic-Simply pull your hair into a pony tail with your own elastic then take our bow with elastic and affix over your elastic. This is the most popular way to attach and is perfect for most of our hair bows. Elastics do wear out which is why you might want the tie in with elastic.
  2. Tie in with Elastic-Pull your hair up into a pony tail using your own elastic, next add the bow with elastic and thread the tie through both and elastics and secure. If the elastic gets stretched out you can cut the old one off and tie in a new one!
  3. Tie in only-Pull your hair into your own elastic, you can even use two elastics so that the pony tail appears higher up, take the bow with the tie in and thread it through the elastics then secure with a bow or knot under the pony tail using the ties attached to the bow. This is especially handy with the heavier bows with 3 layers involved. You can make the bow sit right up in front of the pony tail better using this method. You don't want the bow laying flat on top of the head.

Bow Styles

Basically, there are 7 styles to choose from although our online catalog has many variations such as decoration design, accents & material colors making bows look unique.

  • The Basic Layered Bow-Simply put you have a base grosgrain ribbon with a layer covering the base.


  • Tick Tock-Tick Tocks have a left loop in one fabric and color choice and a right loop with a contrasting fabric and color choice. You can also choose a different center wrap color.


  • Over The Top-Unique in the way the tails are cut at an angle. A base layer with a 5/8" to 1" trim layer at the top edge of the bow.


  • Layered bows-Layers beginning with the base (outside edge) and a second or even third layer in the center.




  •  Double Switch Kick-This bow has 3 layers that match on both sides. A base, trim and top layer.


  • Switch Kick-This is the original version of our switch kick. It has the left loop with three layers and the right loop is solid.



  •  Reverse Kick-This style has a left loop that is solid but the right side has 3 switck kick layers