Rhinestone Transfer Application Instruction


We recommend using a heat press but you can use an iron if you don't have one. Use cottons, denims, soft tee shirts, polyester. NO vinyl, nylon, velvet, acrylic or leather. 

  • Set Iron to the wool/cotton setting (no steam) or heat press to 320 degrees medium to firm pressure. 
  • Peel off the white backing
  • Place design where desired
  • cover with clean pressing cloth or clean sheet of computer paper
  • place iron over design and press firmly for 40 or more seconds. Take pressing cloth and press stones into the fabric for extra measure. 
  • Let completely cool and check to see if the stones adhered properly. If not, simply press again!

*We are not responsible for your finished project if you mess it up.  

***If stones shift during shipping, simply put them back in place with tweezers. We use high tack silicone transfer tape so there shouldn't be any issues. Just in case there is, use tweezers and put them in place.