All Glitter Infinity Glitz Rhinestone Bow

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The Infinity Glitz Rhinestone bow is made of 3 colors of sparkly glitter and rhinestones.  We cut glitter in 3 colors, go by the chart below when selecting the glitter colors. For a less expensive version, check out the  Infinity X out Bow. 

This is such a pretty bow for your team to wear as their competition bow. 

  • Glitter Color 1 (shown in black glitter base) 
  • Glitter Color 2 (shown in red glitter)
  • Glitter 3 (shown in white glitter)
  • Glitter 4 (shown in black under the center wrap) 
  • Infinity bow design
  • stones adorn in crystal 
  • Elastic Attachment 
  • ss16 center wrap to match