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Red white and black pristine kristine cheer bow
Cheer Bow Glitter Color Chart
Rhinestone Color Chart
The Kristine Pristine Crystal Rhinestone Bow
Columbia Blue Pristine Kristine Bow
royal blue, black and white rhinestone competition bow
The Kristine Pristine Crystal Rhinestone Bow
Royal Blue, Black & White Rhinestone cheerleading bows for teams
orange black & white cheerleading hairbow with rhinestones
Burgundy Cheerleading Bow Glitter and Rhinestones
Silver, Royal Blue & White cheerleading bow with rhinestones
White, Royal Blue & Black competition cheerleading bow with rhinestones
Team Cheerleading Bows White, Royal & Black with stones
Orange Black and white team cheerleading bows with rhinestones
black pristine
Teal and black cheerleading bow with crystal rhinestones, competition cheerleading bow, rhinestone bow
Navy Blue, Gold & White Glitter Rhinestone cheerleading bow

The Kristine Pristine Crystal Rhinestone Bow

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The Kristine Pristine bow is a stunning bow and looks beautiful in any color combination due to its unique glitter and rhinestone design.  Also it has plenty of sparkly stones to reflect off of the glitter during your performance!  

Use the chart below to pick your colors. 

  • Glitter Color 1 (top edge shown in black)
  • Glitter Color 2: (bottom of bow, shown in red) 
  • Glitter Color 3: Tail Tip Color Glitter   (shown in white)
  • 7X5" cheer bow size (standard)
  • Hair Elastic